Biblical Health and Remedies combines wisdom, with natural healing, and traditional medicines, which have been practiced for thousands of years. As early as the 12th century, natural health and nutrition were practiced to create a balanced mind; and were considered fundamental health practices that influenced both the people of that era and will continue to influence future generations.

For the last thirty years, the authors have been researching and gathering information from different parts of the world focusing on the purist and lifestyle, of health, and reminds you that seeking wellness can take you on a miraculous journey.

We have put together a new remarkably unique product on the market called SAVTA.

The meaning of SAVTA is Grandmother. This product is in honor of my grandmother. She was a very brilliant woman with an extraordinary amount of knowledge during her time. She was the first woman to study medicine in Cairo University from where she graduated and worked for many years. She was known for passing down multiple grandmother traditional remedies.

If your immune system feels depleted SAVTA is now at your convenience; this dietary supplement features immune supporting vitamins and minerals that are key nutrients that your body needs to enhance your energy level naturally.

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